The purpose of a topographic survey is to gather data on the natural and man-made features of the area of land; this will assist any design processes such as construction, drainage, and landscaping. Sterling Surveys Ltd provides accurate topographic surveys at suitable scales to serve these requirements.

Level information is included in the form of spot levels, related to OS datum, and contours where applicable.

The surveys typically show building outlines, roads, walls, hedges, fences, banks, ditches, trees and areas of dense vegetation, street furniture, surface types, overhead wires, manholes, covers, and other relevant detail.

The data is normally supplied as 2D DWG files or paper prints. 3D data can also be supplied, or the levels provided as 3D nodes for use with other modelling software packages.

Boundary-Disputes Surveying Service


Land Surveying is accurately measuring features and presenting the information clearly. In this regard, we are experts, because we specialise in this field and we have access to relevant modern equipment and techniques.

For a typical boundary dispute, we visit site and produce a very accurate plan from scratch. We then look at all the evidence made available to us regarding the boundary; this can be documentary, physical, photographic, verbal, or from other sources. We then provide a CPR35 compliant report and plan which shows our professional opinion of the boundary line superimposed onto our plan of the existing detail. The historical line of a boundary can then be seen relative to features which currently exist. This is very useful for mediation and litigation purposes.

We are RICS-Accredited expert witnesses and, in the last 15 years, have provided over 400 Expert Witness Reports for boundary dispute cases. These reports have been used in numerous court cases. We have also supplied oral evidence when requested. Our services are available nationwide.



Measured surveys are undertaken to provide a range of accurate and detailed representations of the structure and individual features of a building.

We can provide detailed floor plans, internal and external elevations, cross-sections, and reflected ceiling plans to suit your requirements. The amount of information needed varies from client to client and ranges from the basic layout of walls, windows, and doors, to fully-detailed locations of all fixtures and fittings, electrical socket positions, and lights and switches etc.

We survey buildings of any shape, age, or complexity from cathedrals to offices; railway stations to airport terminals; houses to hotels.

Our data is normally provided as 2D DWG files or as paper drawings. 3D data can also be supplied, but it is better to call us and discuss your requirements in this regard.


Verified Views also known as Accurate Visual Representations (AVR) are a set of images that accurately show a proposed development in its surroundings. These are an effective presentation method to support planning inquiries.

We have been providing data for verified views for about 15 years. Our role is to supply highly accurate survey data to be used in the creation of verified images.

Rail Surveying Service


Sterling Surveys Ltd has great experience in carrying out all types of survey related to highways and railways.

We supply large scale topographic surveys for proposed highway design. We also provide surveys of urban highways for redesign of traffic and cycle lanes, new junctions, traffic calming, and parking.

We regularly carry out topographic surveys of Network Rail and London Underground track and infrastructure. These include platform layouts, and P-Way surveys of track and platform gauging.



Sterling Surveys Ltd offers an efficient setting-out service. This can include steel structures, piling, and centre lines of roads etc.

We set-out points on site as required, using the engineers’ design drawings and design co-ordinates. We can provide key control points or a complete setting-out service. We work closely with site managers to provide accurate, flexible data that can be used to set-out further phases of the works when required.

3D-Laser-Scan-Surveying Service


High definition scanning, or 3D laser scanning, can provide a more enhanced and versatile measured survey solution.

Laser scanning produces a 3D point cloud of all or part of a structure, and is excellent at reducing or completely eliminating the problems involved with inaccessible areas, issues of safety, and time restrictions. The data allows us to analyse and segment any part of the point cloud using CAD, thus offering our clients access to a high level of quality 3D information.

Once the site data has been captured, the resulting point cloud can be extracted as a final deliverable. Alternatively, the data can be edited to produce traditional and enhanced survey information for use with BIM.



Sterling Surveys Ltd is committed to providing innovative solutions to our clients’ survey needs. Using modern survey equipment we can monitor structures for measurement over time to a very high degree of precision; walls can be checked for verticality and deformation.

The results of these surveys can be provided as either a spreadsheet or drawing, with a traffic-light system highlighting larger movements.

Aerial-Surveys-&-Photogrammetry Surveying Service


Large open sites and sites with restricted access can often be surveyed more economically using aerial or terrestrial photography. Photographs from two vantage points can be “fused” to form a 3D digital model. Photogrammetry is the process of accurately measuring from these 3D models.

This survey method has been superseded to a large degree by 3D scanning. However, maps from high-resolution photography can produce better results of detailed structures and decorative features.

Photographic elevations can be produced so that they are scaled in a particular plane. This can provide an economical record of a structure for renovation purposes, because all bricks, stones, cracks etc, can be seen on the image.

Inland-Hydrographic-Surveying Service


We undertake detailed surveys of lakes, rivers, reservoirs, quarry lagoons and water treatment plants. A sophisticated system employing portable echo sounders, robotic total stations and GPS are used to measure and record data.

Using specialised software we are able to use the field data in different ways: to display and export models; plotting plans and sections showing underwater detail and contours; to compare models and display level changes caused by silting; calculating volumes; designing development projects; producing flood risk assessments.

Sterling Surveys Professional Surveying Service


  • Topographic Surveys
  • Measured Building Surveys
  • Floor plans
  • Elevations
  • Sections
  • Plans of roof spaces and roofs
  • Asset and Inventory recording of buildings
  • Net Internal Surveys
  • Boundary Surveys
  • 3d Laser scan surveys
  • Monitoring of structures
  • Site Surveys
  • Tree surveys
  • CAD draughting
  • GPS positioning
  • Flood Plain Surveys
  • Level Surveys
  • Party Wall surveys
  • Drainage surveys
  • Railway surveys
  • Highway surveys
  • High-accuracy levelling
  • Utility service tracing
  • Charts of rivers, canals, and lakes
  • Setting out grid lines
  • Ground modelling
  • Photogrammetry
  • Route surveys for pipelines
  • Route surveys for power lines
  • Control networks
  • Airfield surveys
  • Proof surveys
  • Dimensional control
  • Verticality checking